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Supa Blu-Ray/DVD Combo!! BAD BLACK + CAPTAIN ALEX! Bonus Material!


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Uganda's First Blu-Ray includes both Bad Black and Who Killed Captain Alex in over 40 languages including Latin, Klingon, and Irish Gaelic. Includes Trailers, Director Commentary, Fan Videos, Interviews, Music Videos, and Welcome Videos for over 14 countries.That's 15 Hours of Bonus Footage!!! Reversable cover with 2 designs!

Welcome to Wakaliwood, Uganda: home of ''DA BEST OF DA BEST MOVIES! '' and the vanguards of DIY commando cinema! Under the guidance of writer-director-producer Nabwana Isaac Godfrey Geoffrey (IGG) and with producer-star Alan Ssali Hofmanis, this crack crew of self-taught filmmakers and martial arts aficionados produce dozens of gonzo action films in the Kampala ghetto with budgets that rarely exceed $200 USD. Utilizing scrap parts to build computers, machine guns, and a full-sized Huey helicopter, these real-life superheroes inspire more heart, imagination, and soul than a thousand Hollywood blockbusters. AGFA is proud to bring two of the most reckless, out-of-control brain-blasts in the Wakaliwood canon to home video for the first time ever -- WHO KILLED CAPTAIN ALEX and BAD BLACK! And in Uganda's finest storytelling tradition, the films are complemented by the acerbic wit of narrator/VJ (Video Joker) VJ Emmie, who sums up the Wakaliwood experience with a single sentiment: ''It is a love story . . . LOVE OF ACTION! '' NOTE: These films were fueled by love and created with DIY equipment. Please approach the technical quality of the transfers with empathy.


  • WHO KILLED CAPTAIN ALEX with or without VJ Emmie
  • BAD BLACK with VJ Emmie
  • Director's Commentary
  • Behind da scenes
  • Trailers and commercials
  • Interviews and news clips
  • Music videos
  • Welcome videos for 14 countries
  • Fan videos from around da world
  • Subtitles in 40+ languages and dialects

  • Ships from USA

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