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Wakaliwood's Supa Store is now open!

Posters, DVDs, T-shirts, and more!
We'll be adding items all the time, so check back soon or sign up for our Newsletter.

Thank you to all our Supa Fans around the world!
This has been an incredible year for us, and we hope the best for everyone.

- Nabwana IGG and Wakaliwood, Uganda

  • Elon on

    You guys are absolute legend’s
    Love the movies and merch

    Keep it up,

  • Mete K. on

    From Turkey with love.

    Maan your movies are crazy. Congratulations. Not only Isaac but everybody in the team, great job. Actor are very dedicated, the lines are amazing. This is what happens when everybody believes in a project. I think Isaas’s humble attitude has an important role in this success. I don’t know what else to say, keep doing what you are doing, i hope someday i can personally meet you people. ✌️

  • Connor on

    Hope you guys can sell beanies soon for the winter! Great stuff.

  • Michael Dito on

    I’m waiting for the " Expect The Unexpectable " bumper sticker, signed by Capt. Alex, of the Uganda Expendables, (before his untimely demise, of course). They would be very popular in southwest Kentucky, USA., and may even surpass the Confederate Battle Flag (stars & bars) bumper sticker (maybe).

  • Kathleen Cavanaugh on

    hi, your superstore’s site does not seem to be working. I have tried to order your t-shirt on 2 different occasions and it does not allow me to put the item in to the cart!

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