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Wakaliwood's Supa Store is now open!

Posters, DVDs, T-shirts, and more!
We'll be adding items all the time, so check back soon or sign up for our Newsletter.

Thank you to all our Supa Fans around the world!
This has been an incredible year for us, and we hope the best for everyone.

- Nabwana IGG and Wakaliwood, Uganda

  • German Oyinbo on

    Hi Guys!
    I just wanted to let you know that I consider “Bad Black” the most moving Movie that I have ever watched!
    And thank you for inventing the concept of the “Video Joker”. We need VJs on German TV soooo badly….if we do that our TV might become watchable again!
    And never stop making jokes, please!

    Best Wishes,
    German Oyinbo

  • Mrach John on

    I love this!And I am a Chinese,as for me,It’s good a lot!Come on!!!

  • Sergio on

    Would love to see some t-shirts and tote bags in the shop.
    Much love!

  • Kurt O'Leary on

    I love your Who killed Captain Alex Movie, I was looking though your shop and noticed you did not have any shirts for sale. Do you have any plans to sell some in the future, I would love to buy one!

  • Zlata from America on

    I like Wakaliwood. Their films are very good, my name is Zlata and i was born in Russia. But i moved in America, forced to learn English. Hope you are all right, good luck!

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